Sojourn With Us
In Luxury

At S.D.N, our talented technicians deliver a warm personal experience beyond expectations.

Unlike most nail salons, S.D.N offers incredible skin care products to our health conscious clients.

Skin care is our passion. Our treatment options are always changing to keep up with recent trends and techniques.

S.D.N takes nail salon hygiene to a new level. We utilize FDA approved medical grade sanitization techniques.

Services we offer

a superior experience in a beautiful relaxing environment

the Classic

A clean no frills classic manicure and pedicure by our incredible technicians

the Bouji

The Classic, but with every luxury upgrade available at each step.

the Xpress

A no frills classic manicure and/or pedicure for a quick touch-up.


Pick and choose at very step and create a personal experience unique to you.

Quality products
for a refined you

S.D.N rotates top of the line products every few months. Our passion is your gain, as we introduce to you brands and concepts from around the world.


I felt the need for a place for me to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. SDN was designed to feel like home and not like a generic nail salon.


SDN set a standard for me. I can't see myself settling for anything less. Good Job!


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