Lounge in Comfort

“It’s a salon in a living room. I want it to feel like a friend’s house. Whether I’m coming back from work or from the gym, its a place where time slows down and I can focus on me.”


… instruction to Architect and Designers

simply the best

At Sojourn De Nails we offer all typical treatments, but with atypical products. We take pride in what we do and what we put on your skin.  You won’t find the $5.99 a gallon purple ‘lotion’ in our backroom.


Our tools are always packaged and sanitized with FDA approved techniques for your safety.


You deserve the best.

At S.D.N, our talented technicians deliver a warm personal experience beyond expectations.

Unlike most nail salons, S.D.N offers incredible skin care products to our health conscious clients.

Skin care is our passion. Our treatment options are always changing to keep up with recent trends and techniques.

S.D.N takes nail salon hygiene to a new level. We utilize FDA approved medical grade sanitization techniques.

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